About the Brookley Property

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The Brookley Property is located along the western shore of Mobile Bay, to the east of Brookley Aeroplex and the Airbus Final Assembly Line.

When Brookley was an active military installation, this portion of the greater airfield complex housed officers and enlisted personnel, and included the officer’s club and the base’s golf course.

More recently, some buildings on the property were used for USA classrooms.

The Foundation acquired the 331 acre site in 2010. In 2012, we adopted a set of objectives for the property.

The objectives balance our legal duty to generate a solid return on the investment we made in purchasing the property with other important considerations that affect the Foundation, the University, the environment, and the Mobile community.

The objectives include:

  • GENERATING a return on the investment
  • PRESERVING 41 acres of wetlands that make up part of the site
  • CONTRIBUTING to the economic development of the region
  • PRESERVING positive relations with local stakeholders, like the City, the Chamber and the Mobile Airport Authority, among others
  • DEVELOPING the property in ways that reflect positively on the Foundation and the University
  • CAPITALIZING on the unique qualities of the Brookley site
  • MINIMIZING future maintenance costs and capital outlays