City of Mobile, State of Alabama partner on historic purchase of Brookley by the Bay Property

The following statement on the sale of the Brookley Property was released by the University of South Alabama Foundation on December 1, 2020:

At 10:00am today, Governor Kay Ivey, Mayor Sandy Stimson and Mr. John McMillan, President of the University of South Alabama Foundation, announced the approval of a Purchase and Sale Agreement for the Brookley property. The Brookley property is owned by Brookley Bay Front Properties, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of South Alabama Foundation.

Mr. McMillan stated that the sale of the property will allow the Foundation to continue to carry out its mission–the support of the students, faculty, and academic programs of the University of South Alabama. 

Mr. McMillan said that the Foundation and the City of Mobile have worked together for a number of years in reaching this sale of the Brookley property, which will be a major economic development enhancing the Mobile community, its citizens, the University community, and the University of South Alabama. He said the agreement ensures the preservation of the environmental grandeur of the property.

Mr. McMillan recognized Governor Kay Ivey, the Mayor and his staff, the City Council, the County Commission, and the members of the USA Foundation Board for their work to make this day a reality. 

NEWS RELEASE, for Immediate Release, by the City of Mobile

December 1, 2020

Mobile, AL – The City of Mobile is excited to announce an agreement to purchase hundreds of acres along Mobile’s waterfront in a multi-faceted deal that will provide public access to our waterfront for generations, preserve sensitive wetlands, and secure invaluable property for economic development.

Commonly known as “Brookley by the Bay,” this approximately 300-acre swath of land sits along the western shore of Mobile Bay to the east of the Brookley Aeroplex. It is made up of multiple parcels owned by the University of South Alabama Foundation. 

“Today’s announcement is a win-win for the city of Mobile and the state of Alabama,” Governor Ivey said. “By preserving our wetland areas, we are ensuring that future generations of Alabamians can experience the beauty of Mobile Bay. Also, expanding the footprint of Brookley Aeroplex will be an economic boom, not only for the Mobile area but for the entire state. I appreciate everyone involved in this extraordinary project and making it a reality for the people of Alabama.”

The purchase agreement approved by the Mobile City Council today is the culmination of six years of negotiations between the City of Mobile and the USA Foundation. 

“This is a truly transformational purchase that will impact Mobilians for generations to come,” Mayor Sandy Stimpson said. “With this agreement we will secure nearly 150 acres of waterfront property in one of the last undeveloped areas on our shoreline. It will be managed by the City of Mobile Parks and Recreation department for all Mobilians to enjoy. Additionally, the nearly 150 acres being set aside for economic development will ensure Brookley Aeroplex has a great opportunity to sustain the growth that will one day make it the world’s 4th largest site for the construction of commercial aircraft.” 

The total purchase price will be $42 million with $33 million due upon the subsequent closing of each parcel and the remaining $9 million payable should an option be exercised by the city within the next 5 years.

“This is a uniquely situated property, located close to downtown Mobile, the Alabama State Docks and adjacent to the Airbus Final Assembly Lines,” John McMillan, President of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, said. “Development of this property will greatly enhance the economic vitality of the Greater Mobile community and greatly benefits the entire community, the City of Mobile and the University of South Alabama, which the Foundation is chartered to support.”

Of the 150 acres of waterfront property, roughly 50 acres of coastal wetlands will be purchased with $2 million of NFWF funding from the State of Alabama and 100 acres at the site of the old Brookley Center purchased with $16 million from GOMESA — a federal oil revenue sharing program set up to benefit coastal communities.

Of the 150 acres for economic development, approximately 100 acres will be purchased with $15 million from the Governor’s Economic Development Fund. This parcel will be developed into an industrial park that will serve as an ideal location for the aerospace supply chain supporting companies like Airbus, ST Aerospace, and Continental. The City of Mobile will also maintain an option to purchase the remaining 50-acre parcel for the next five years for $9 million.

“This is huge win for the City of Mobile,” Elliot Maisel, Chairman of the Mobile Airport Authority, said.  “Under the city’s ownership, the property will enhance the quality of life for all citizens through future job growth and recreational opportunities. This tract of land is just one piece of the mosaic that fits into the future growth of Brookley over the next 20 years. We look forward to working with the City to maximize the development opportunities surrounding this property.” 

Today’s announcement marks the outcome of many years of planning and a long-standing partnership between the City of Mobile and the State of Alabama. 

“In particular, I’d like to thank Governor Ivey. Due to the complexity of this transaction, this would not have occurred were it not for her steadfast support,” Mayor Stimpson said.